Monday, September 17, 2007

Hair today... gone tomorrow

Brad took Viv with him to get his hair cut the other day.The girls at the salon made a big fuss over Viv and her beautiful curly hair. They asked her if she wanted to get her hair done and with no hesitation she jumped up on the chair and let the stylist french braid her hair.

Sitting there watching the girls cut hair inspired Viv to cut her own hair. She was very quiet on Saturday afternoon and found a travel sewing kit with mini scissors, so dull they wouldn't cut paper. Anyway.. she decided to give herself bangs. (Her hair was all one length). She cut about 3 inches off. Thankfully, since her hair is curly you can't really tell.
Viv comes from a long line of hair cutters. My Aunt Jill, cut her hair so short when she was about Viv's age the only way to fix it was for her to get a pixie cut. Then Rachel, cut her hair around age 6, but my all time favorite story is when Dave cut his hair. He was about 5 or 6 and was being quiet in the bathroom. I went into check on him and he was standing there with chunks of his hair in one hand and scissors in the other.I yelled.. "Dave, what did you do? why did you cut your hair?" He said as seriously as could be, it just "broke off". He might have been able to sell that story if her wasn't cought "scissor handed".

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