Friday, September 7, 2007

Week 2 in review

Week far so good. Jude is tipping the scales at 10 pounds now. Viv and I call him "Juddah-belly", because he has a bit of a buddah belly.

We had lots of visitors this week. Shannon, Nora, Amelia (or My Ameelee, as Viv says) Carrie, Hannah, Emily & Olivia visited us on Friday. Then Marlo & Kennedy on Wednesday.
Kennedy Vivian

The dogs still don't know what to make of Jude. Duke has warmed up a little. Lulu is still terrified. When he cries at night she buries herself under Brad's blanket.

Viv, is a really great Big Sister. She helps pick out Jude's clothes and helps when he gets a bath. She would love more than anything to climb into his pack & play with him and is definitly keeping me on my toes.

Brad's Grandparents, Dick & Rita, came for a visit on Sunday. They think Jude looks just like Brad.

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