Friday, February 8, 2008

What Comes Around Goes Around....

Okay.. this is a long one.
I first have to start with a back story to make the present day more relevant.
Picture me 4 years old, spending the day with my Grandmother Vivian (my Viv's namesake). My Grandmother was perfect and always dressed to the 9's. The woman wouldn't anwser the phone unless her hair was perfect, make up done and heels were on.

She had gone to the same salon weekly, had a standing appointment same day, same time for 20 odd years. I loved going with her. Her hairdresser "Elaine" would do my hair and I always came home with a new nail polish. I was 4, it was a big deal!
Not able to talk my Grandfather off the golf course to sit with me for the afternoon Grandma Viv packed me up to go to the "beauty parlor" and went over the usual rules in the car before we went in... don't touch anything, don't break anything, don't do anything to embarrass me. (My cousin, Paul and I got the rules basically everywhere we went with her.)
Long story short... A woman comes into the salon. A large woman with a "unique" nose I scream across the room 'hey Grandma, that lady (pointing) looks like Miss Piggy!"
My Granmother, hair now in rollers is mortified gives me "the eye", purses her lips and escorts me to the back of the salon to sit in the lounge until she is done. I didn't know why she was so mad. I was just innocently calling it as I saw it. Needless to say I never got to go back to the salon after that.

Present Day... In efforts to bring back my fabulousness, I have joined Weight Watchers. So far I have lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks. Yay! Before the meeting this week I was at the gym with Viv (Jude, still sick was at home with Brad, )and I didn't have time to take Viv home before the meeting started.

At the meeting, Viv and I sit down. Without giving it any thought I tell her .... be quiet, don't touch anything, don't break anything and if she understood what embarrass meant I would have thrown that one out too.
We are waiting for the meeting to start. Viv stands on her chair looks around the room, points to the woman next to us and innocently says.. "Hey, Mom that lady is soooo big". I could have died right then and there. Viv. Well, she was just calling it as she saw it. Thankfully the lady had a big bottle of water and I covered up Viv's outburst by saying "Yes, Viv, she does have a big bottle of water" Don't know if the lady bought it or not. Needless to say Viv, won't be going back anytime soon.
The moral of my story is.... What comes around goes around.

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