Sunday, March 2, 2008

Doggy Olympics at CCC

This is Ken holding Jude . He works at CCC. We love him! He takes great care of Lulu & Penny while they are at school.
We took Duke & Penny to The Doggy Olympics at CCC today. Brad, Viv & Jude were all dressed in thier "Duke" t-shirts and I had on my Boston Terrier T-shirt. We were dressed to win. Last year we only took Lulu and she came in 4th place in the "Best Kisser" contest. Our other Boston Terrier freinds came in 1st, 2nd & 3rd. 2008 was our year to win. We were coming home with the gold....
This year we took Penny & Duke. Penny is freakishly fast. Once she takes off it is impossible to catch her so we entered her in The Fastest Dog -25 yard Dash. We get her to the start line, Viv and I run to the finish line to call her. On your mark, get set..... Penny runs through the crowd looking for people to pet her and dogs to play with. Viv and I are calling her "Penny, Penny" she just kept running through the crowd. At one point she was rolling on her back for people to scratch her belly. Needless to say Penny didn't win.

2nd competition of the day. Best Treat Catching. This contest had Duke's name all over it. He never misses a treat, cookie or scrap. He eats like it is his job. Viv, is holding him at the line. I take my place to throw him treats. I took Animal Crackers his favorite. I throw the first one. He looked at me like I was nuts. The dog next to us was getting hot dogs. He didn't understand why he was getting just Animal Crackers. Duke wanted the hot dogs so he went over to the dog next to us and started to eat the treats that dog missed. Needless to say, Duke wasn't a winner either.

2 competitions and no gold ribbons for us. There is always next year.

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Laura said...

Looks like fun!! Sorry no medals were won. As you said, there's always next year!!!