Sunday, March 2, 2008

Rachael Ray Day

My neighbor, Tara and I had tickets to see a taping of The Rachael Ray show on Wednesday. We had to be at the studio at 10:15am so we left at 6am. I had a sitter and Tara's husband was working at home for the day so we could go. It only takes 2 hours to get to NY from our house but, we left early to allow enough time for traffic and window shopping before the show.
We were so excited. We had our Rachael Ray outfits & shoes on. Audience members have to wear solid colors, no prints but still remain trendy. Hmmm, easier said than done. All of my Non-Mommy sweats are fun prints or black.
We got to the Lincoln tunnel in less than 2 hours. No traffic issues at all then we hit a major back up. The tunnel is 3.7 miles. It took us 80 minutes to get through the tunnel. Poor Tara, is 5 months pregnant and had to pee so bad. I felt so bad for her.
We get through the tunnel and find the studio with no problems. It is now 9:45am. We park and walk across the street to the studio. There is a line but, we think we are okay because we have tickets and we got there before our ticket said to check in, Not the case! The tickets are first come. We were not the first in line so we got bumped so did about 30 people in line behind us. Big bummer for us. Especially since we got up at 5am and sat in really bad traffic. The producer that told us that all of the seats were filled gave us 4 VIP tickets to next season and we are guaranteed a seat at the taping.
We walked around the city for awhile. Neither one of us had NY shoes on. We had on boots & heels. We thought we were going to be on TV and had to have cute shoes on. We didn't know we were going to get bumped. After an hour or so we headed back to the car. We would have stayed for lunch but, since it was so early nothing was open yet.
Moral to the story.... Always carry a back up pair of shoes in the car.


Amy said...

That's a bummer. Yes, always remember walking shoes. Come on.

Laura said...

Sorry you didn't get in.. that is a major bummer! At least you are guaranteed a seat next season! Boy, getting through the Lincoln Tunnel sounds worse then when we were trying to leave the city! Sorry you didn't get to walk around the city and enjoy your day too much, hopefully you'll be able to go up again soon and enjoy yourselves!


Oh, did you beat the GPS home?? haha