Monday, March 3, 2008

Vivi's 1st Dance Class

Today was Vivi's first dance class. She loved it! She has been so excited to go do dance class. We went to the park today with Kaitlyn & Hannah and Viv, was really tired but, didn't want to take a "rest" and miss dance class. She ended up falling asleep in the car but, when I told her we were at dance class she perked right up.

We were early (for a change) and Viv was the only kid in the dance studio so she walked in and introduced herself to the teacher and told her that she could dance like Hannah Montana. The teacher asked her if she liked Hannah Montana. Vivi, said yes then told the teacher as proud as could be that she had on Hannah Montana undies.

Vivi is the youngest kid in the class so there was a lot of twirling and jumping in front of the mirror. She was so happy and excited after class and didn't want to leave. The teacher stamped the girls hands after class with an "Awesome" stamp and Viv told me the whole ride home that her teacher thinks she is awesome. How cute!

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Laura said...

Glad you enjoyed your first dance class Vivi!! I'm so proud of you! I can't wait to see you dance like Hannah Montana!

<3 Laura