Thursday, April 24, 2008

Who ya' gonna call? Part 2

We had our field trip for "Ghost Hunting" class this week. We were "investigating" the mansion at Hibernia Park in Coatesville. I have never been to Hibernia Park before so I didn't know what to expect of the mansion. We were excited and got there a little before the rest of our class and the teacher let us in early to use the bathroom and take a look around before the rest of the group arrived. The mansion is currently owned by the county parks department and only the east side of the property is open to the public. A park ranger lives in the west wing. The east wing is fully furnished as if it were still the early 1900's. There are some original artifacts from the original families that lived in the house (art work, furniture, rugs) but there were also lots of reproduction pieces and "purchased at auction" pieces so it was hard to get a feel for if the "entity" was there because they were attached to the property or to the items that once decorated the house. In class the teacher said that we should admire and comment on the decor of a property to entice the "ghost" to communicate with us. We did this and in a few rooms and got a response.

6:15PM - I took this picture in the dining room. It was still light outside so I didn't have my flash on. There are 2 "orbs" on the ceiling above the fireplace.
Around 7PM We were broken up into 3 groups. Our group started on the 3rd floor and worked our way down to the main floor and finally to the basement .

3rd Floor (Servants Quarters) - Back Bedroom - We were using a digital recorder for Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and recorded a harmonica playing. There were 18 other people in the house and no living being was playing a harmonica. 5 people in our group were in this room, No-one had a harmonica.

2nd Floor- Master Bedroom - One of the women in the group and I opened the closet on the right and heard scratching & floor boards in the closet creaking as if someone were standing on them. It was just us in the room and we were standing at least 3 feet from where we BOTH heard the noises.

I took this picture in the Foyer/ Main Staircase - There are 4 "orbs" in this picture. There is a big one on the ceiling above the door, a smaller 1 to the right of that one then 2 on the window casing trim.

The basement-Both my mom and I (and a few others in our group of 7 people) got a strange feeling on the far back corner of the basement. This was the only spot in the house where both of us felt and eerie presence. Was it because we were in the dark basement of an old house? Who knows... but when my mom was talking out loud and asking questions of whoever/whatever was there. The rest of us were recording, video taping and taking pictures of her while she was asking questions. I took this picture. I count 5 "orbs" in this picture. There is a big "orb" near where she is standing, 1 on the window pane, 1 on the green pole, and 2 on the floor one is to the left of the green pole the other to the right. When I got home I Googled the history of Hibernia Mansion to see if anything happened there to justify the eerie feeling in the basement and found a site stating that there were 2 people that died in the basement.

Throughout the night the recorder picked up other EVP. The were a few "yes" answers to questions and lots of heavy breathing. I don't think it was us breathing on the recording because we were holding the recorder at our side near our pocket, out with our arm completely extended or left it on a table when we went into a room.

This coming week in class we will meet with the 2 other groups and compare "investigation notes" and pictures to see if they had any of the same experiences as we did.

Stay tuned for part 3 of my story....I will let you know if anyone else had anything good to share.

For more info on the Hibernia Mansion click here


Laura said...

That is soo cool! It must be so exciting! I was looking at pictures from Troupe of ACTS yesterday, and almost every picture that I took in the parsonage has orbs in it. I thought it may have been my camera, but every other picture I took that day that is not in the parsonage does not have the orbs. Interesting huh? I'm so excited for you that you are pursuing such an interesting hobby! Keep us updated! <3

DembroskyFamily said...

That is so cool. Spooky, I wouldn't have the guts to do that.

Sarah said...

Laura - This isn't a hobby. Silly girl! I havn't traded in my purse for a proton pack. Just something fun to do.

Laura said...

pastime, leisure activity, leisure pursuit; sideline, side interest, diversion, avocation; recreation, entertainment, amusement.

see, something done for amusement, or entertainment, or recreation is too a hobby!!!

But to make you happy, I'll just say... enjoy this "something fun to do!" haha

Sarah said...

Your funny!

Anonymous said...

Hey, its Gino. Would you believe that I have a project going on in a haunted bank branch in Connecticut. Church and Elm in New Haven CT. Get your proron pack on and get over there to fight the ghost of Union Trust. JUST DONT CROSS THE STREAMS!!!!

Keef said...

You guys are going to put TAPS out of business! Haha. You need a show on Sci-Fi!