Saturday, May 17, 2008

Viv & Jude Rock Out!

Keef.. this ones for you!

The video is dark.. sorry. It was a spur of the minute jam session and I grabbed my camera and started recording before I realized the room was too dark.

If you can make out the video. It is very cute.


keef said...

Hahaha. That is great. You need to get a real set now so she can make noise the neighbors can hear and start a garage band.

Laura said...

So cute! It looks like they are having a lot of fun! Rock on Viv and Jude!!!

DembroskyFamily said...

That is great. Let me know when you need to brough some Advil :)

Margie G. said...

Very cute! At least they're playing together and not fighting, haha ;-)