Friday, June 20, 2008

10 days and counting...

My birthday is in 10 days. I am a little bit of a freak when it comes to my birthday. Some people don't like all of the birthday fuss. NOT ME! I love it! Flowers, birthday emails, cake, cards, presents.. I LOVE it all!

Poor Brad, begins to panic on or around June 20th. He knows the Birthday madness is about to begin. Last year he sent me to the Borgata in Atlantic City via a limo with two of my best girl friends for a girls only spa weekend. He also filled our front yard with 30 cows and a sign that read "Holy Cow, Sarah is 30"

The year before he surprised me with Dave Matthews concert tickets and a kid free day at Hershey Park. Dave & Chocolate. That works for me!

The year before that I got a watch. A lovely Techno-Marine with a hot pink alligator band and a diamond bezel. I love it!

The year before that... a new Louie.. can't go wrong with a new bag.

The year before that...well.. not so good...He bought me a leather and pearl bracelet.
It was (and still is) awful and I have never let him live it down hense the good gifts the past 4 years. Leather and pearls... how did he think that would work? He was thinking June- pearls, okay I get that.. but.. leather? I don't think I want to go there.

This year. I don't know what I would like. My want of "things" has fizzled away now that I am in sweats & a t-shirt every day. I am not ready to leave Viv & Jude for another weekend away anytime soon.. so this year dinner & a movie. There it is Brad.. all typed out in black and white. I made it easy for you!
Oh.. and a mini-spa day would be nice too.... Love ya!


Amy said...

Way to put it out there Sarah. No video games for you.

Dawn said...

That hole cow thing is so funny, man am I glad my husband doesn't do that stuff. So what do u think h'ell do this year. Hope it's creative, so I can sit back and absorb.

beth - total mom haircut said...

Wow! That's a man who knows how to do a birthday. I hope you get your dinner, movie, and a spa day out of this one.

Brad said...

Very funny!
At least I didn't forget.

Anonymous said...

I remember that bracelet. You forgot about the balloons he baught with the bracelet. The cats ate the string and threw up everywhere and you were cleaning cat vomit all night on your bday

Nikicham said...

Brad, I'm root'n for ya buddy.... GOOD LUCK! My hubby's good, but DAG! GOOD STUFF!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!!!!