Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

This is my 1st Thursday Thirteen (Yay!) and I thought it would be fun to have everyone list their 13 favorite things about the summer.

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My 13 favorite things about summer are:

1. Going barefoot
2. Playing with the kids in the sand
3. Pedicures..who am I kidding? I get them year round but, people notice in the summer.
4. Summer hair..Who cares if your hair is a mess. You can say you were at the pool.
5. Cherries
6. It doesn't get dark until 8:30PM
7. Cook-outs
8. Going for Ice Cream
9. Sandals
10. Corn on the cob
11. Air conditioning
12. Flowers
13. Lazy days


Always Been Different said...

Great 1st TT!

Equal Goes It said...

Great first list!

I am missing going on ice cream runs in the summer with my mom. We live on separate continents, and that was always my fav part of summer!

Picturing of Life said...

happy summer days

Visit me in here

Shannon said...

yay! this is gonna be fun. just did my first TT too!

Carol said...

Oh, good summertime list!

Ivanhoe said...

I'm with you on all of them but the corn and AC. I'm not a corn fan and I hate going in and out during summer (freezing-hot-freezing-hot... :o)
Enjoy your Thursday!

amy said...

I love all of these. I need to go get a pedicure!

Mines up as well!
Hubbys having a give away at his blog at

Hope you will visit us both!

Peter Plum said...

I'm definitely with you on the longer daylight hours. You forget in the dark winter months.

Happy TT!

DembroskyFamily said...

I love your list.

Julie said...

I just did mine also :)

Nikicham said...

Fun, Fun!

Bubba said...

That is an AWESOME first TT! Although barefoot here in AZ is a bit much. We actually have to have special tiling around the pool because concrete is just too hot for bare tootsies.

Happy TT!