Friday, June 20, 2008

DON'T leave a message at the beep

I am really bad at checking my cell phone voice mail(or any voice mail for that matter). I usually check the caller ID and just call back. My mailbox is full so I finally had to delete all of my old messages and figured I would take this opportunity to respond to some of my voicemails... It has been so long I actually forgot the code to dial to get my voicemail. Note to self...for future reference it is *86

Lenny (AKA..the L-train).. Yes, Rachel is very nice. Just like me.. Right?

Shannon.. Art smocks?

Kathy.. Are you still looking for the Wii game for Shelby?

Saige.. Honey, you are just as bad as me. I left you a message a month ago. I don't even think Justice is open anymore. I love you too!

Warren.. Hang in there buddy! Eat a blue M&M

Lori.. I gave your Chesapeake Ribbon stuff to Andrea. Happy Easter, to you too!

Shannon.. Thank you for chasing Penny around the neighborhood. Don't worry she will come back. Stupid, stupid dog! Head shake, eye roll, sigh.

Marlo.. Yes, we had a great time at the party. Thank You for having us! Hope she liked her presents. Are you Hannah Montana'd out yet?

.. Microwave shopping on Wednesday never happened and I think I will save this message for awhile. We miss you!

Dawn.. Yep, they are my sunglasses and we call it a "NU-NU". Silly, I know. If you can drop them off later that would be great. Thanx!

Me.. I didn't anwser because my stupid battery is dead again.. That does it. I am getting a crackberry!

Well.. that about covers it, I think I got back to just about everybody.. well everybody except for Mom.. didn't get your message about not being able to babysit so I'll see you at 6... sharp! Don't be late!

Messages dated back to March checked in June. I love being "retired"!

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Amy said...

It's true. You are the worst at not only checking your messages but answering your phone. How are we supposed to get in touch with you? Oh, through here is a good one. I don't even bother leaving messagags, I know your MO.