Thursday, June 12, 2008

Filling Up Big Blue!

$4.11 a gallon... KA-RAZY!
I filled up my gas tank on Wednesday. $75.. ugh! Can someone please explain to me why gas is so expensive? I am happy to say Big Blue gets EXCELLENT gas mileage. I don't really go that far (I have had my Dodge Grand Caravan for 3 months and only have 1500 miles on it) so I only fill up every 2 weeks but, on average I get 23 miles per gallon. Gotta love that.. especially now that gas prices are so out of hand!

Type in your zip, and this website lists the cheapest gas in your area. The site claims to be updated every day.

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Laura said...

Seriously that Valero Station on 113 at the light where Bell Tavern/Garris Rd meet 113 has the cheapest gas around. While every gas station around it was about $4.09, I got gas for $3.98. It is almost always around 10 cents cheaper, which adds up quick! Check it out!!