Monday, June 16, 2008

Proud... Proud.. Day!

Saturday was our neighborhood yard sale. Every year I always put stuff aside for the sale and wind up forgetting about it. This year I got it together and lugged all of our stuff out of the basement. Viv was going through boxes pulling stuff out and didn't quite get the... it has been in the basement for a year.. let it go, theory of the yard sale. I explained to her that, we will sell the old stuff in the boxes and make room for new stuff. After a few reminders she got it and had no problem helping gather stuff to sell. I told her she could keep all of the money she got for selling her old toys. This struck a nerve. Viv LOVES money! At age 3 she totally gets it...Have money, buy stuff... buy lippy. The wheels in her head were in motion.

Saturday morning. 6am. My alarm goes off. I hear Viv getting dressed in her room. I go in and ask what she was doing and told her to get back in bed just then she said "Mommy, we have to go sell our stuff, I am going to help you because if I sell my toys I will get money for new lippy" I knew it! I saw the plan hatching on Friday. Brad and I are both salespeople so it warmed my heart that Viv has inherited our love of the sale. I guess I should tell you that Viv is NEVER awake before 9am. It is a big joke among our friends. They all know not to expect us anywhere before 10am because Viv sleeps in. So the fact that she got up so early and was ready and raring to go was unbelievable.

We lug all of our stuff out of the garage and set it up in the driveway. 7am. The "Early Birds' arrive. They are a strange bunch. The first set of women had walkie-talkies.. and were talking to people down the street comparing our stuff & prices. They were serious "yard sailors". Never seen anything like it.

Viv was sitting in a chair eating her breakfast and watching them pick through our stuff. She watched for a few minutes then jumped off her chair and ran over to the box of toys and started showing them the toys. She said " How about this one? Do you like Elmo? How about this bear?" They ended up buying one or two of the toys and that set Viv in motion for the rest of the morning. Anytime anyone stopped she immediately greeted them with a polite "Hello" or "Good Morning" then asked them if they needed any toys. Forget the rest of the stuff she was peddling her toys.

I was telling people all morning as soon as they were in ear shot that we were selling all DVD's for $5. Viv picks up on everything so after she would sell them a toy she went in for the bump... with "and all DVD's are only $5" and point them in the direction of the movie box. That's my girl! She did me proud!


Amy said...

Go Viv. She's a way better sales person than me. My version of a yard sale is asking Jose to take it.
Listen, why are you up at 3 am? Ever heard of Nyquil???

DembroskyFamily said...

That is too funny. I see a car sales woman in the future.

shar said...

that is too freakin hilarious, she is definitely your child, without a doubt. LOL

Anonymous said...

It runs in the family I guess! Brad may need to hire Viv someday!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sara. OK, this might be a stupid question and I tend to spend waaayy too much time obsessing about little stuff like this so I have to ask..what is

Sarah said...

"Lippy" is Viv speak for lip stick. It is actually chap stick .. shhh.. don't tell her