Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Now Read this...

My new Mommy venture made the local newspaper. Jenn, Margie and I were interviewed last week and the story hit the papers today. Front page of the Family section. Woo-hoo!

Click here to read the article.

A thousand thanks and a HOLLA go out to Shannon, Dawn, and Jaime (the non-blogger of the posse' but, we still el amor her) for all of their help stuffing 250 swag bags for the launch party on Thursday night. You have no idea how much I appriciate your support & friendship.

Jenn.... You get me...and have not gone running for the hills, for that, you deserve a special.. hmm...title. You keep me focused and have a "delicate" way of reigning in my crazy. You are the yin to my yang.

Margie.. I have no idea how you are doing it with a newborn and being sick but.. you are doing it. Thank you for EVERYTHING! You rocked the give aways! Hurry up and feel better. We gots a party to throw!

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Amy said...

Congratulations Sarah! You are a go getter. I'm sorry I can't be there tonight. I know it will be great! Good job!!!