Monday, December 29, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Vivi opening her Christmas Eve gift from Santa after church. While she was at church Mrs. Claus stopped by and dropped off 1 present and a special note from Santa that reminded Viv that she needed to go to bed early and reminded her to leave cookies out for Santa. Jude went to sleep at 7PM- like a good boy. That is why he isn't in any of the Christmas Eve pictures.

Christmas Day

Jude got a Little Tikes truck that he LOVES! He is in and out of it all day long. He has the bed of the truck loaded up with his tool box and a few of his favorite things (golf balls, snack trap, sippy cup.) He also got a gas pump, more cars and trucks, building blocks (the big cardboard ones) and LOTS of clothes.

Vivi got lots of Barbie things, a vanity, make up, lots of lippy, clothes, Camp Rock DVD (that we have watched about 50 times so far. - she knows ALL the songs already and sings at the top of her lungs), a MP3 player - so she can listen to her Cheetah Girls, Hannah Montana, Camp Rock tunes when she wants and I can have my IPOD back.
We listen to music during breakfast and lunch and lately it has been all Viv's music and Jude and I are a little Hannah'd out. Now that she has her own she can listen to her music on her own, whenever she wants. It is great!
Santa also brought her clothes, a few new purses and My Little Pony and Tinkerbelle stuff galore.
I have no idea where I am going to put all of the new goods. Since the playroom is already bursting at the seams. I have been tying day by day to make room. I wish our basement was finished!... Santa do you read our blog? If so that was a not so subtle hint!

After all the presents were opened a few of us went to see a movie -Valkerie - a nice cheery holiday flick. (written with sarcasm). After the movie we came home and Brad took his annual Christmas Day nap on the couch. Viv and I thought it would be fun to put make up on him while he slept. Brad's sister Shelby grabbed my camera and filmed the "beautification of Brad". I tried to download the video, but kept coming up with error messages. I will try again later. It is hilarious and Brad looked so "pretty" that I have to post it.

Dinner at Grandma's House

We had a great Christmas and hope you did too!


Taryn said...

Sorry I am just now getting to check out your blog! The holidays got crazy!
Your kids are adorable!
Thanks for stopping by my blog,

Lora said...

that is the most fabulous carpet i have ever seen in my life! if i ever get my own apartment (i don't know why my husband won't let me have my own apartment, or my own room for that matter! he is SO into sharing) i'm totally getting that.

i hope your new year is going well!