Sunday, March 24, 2013

..and a Happy Palm Sunday to You!

My morning so far... 

Viv complaining her belly hurts. Me ignoring her and telling her to get ready for church. Viv falling down 5 stairs in her "high heel" (1/2 inch) shoes she "had to wear". Me catching Viv during said fall thus re-injuring the foot I had minor surgery on yesterday. Jude chimes in... "Mommy, what are we going to do with her? She is a mess" 
Viv screaming at Jude that she could have died falling down the stairs. 
Jude saying "but you didn't. Stop being dramatic!"
Viv stomping up the stairs screaming she is not dramatic and no-one cares. 

I swear a day at my house could be a sit-com... Or drama with Viv and her antics. 

And it is only 10:30!!!! 
Blahhhhhhh! Caffeine me NOW!!! 

Good news... Brad is home today and I am not alone to witness all of this silliness.

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