Saturday, August 11, 2007

The 3 Stooges

Duke (on right) Penny (in front)
and Lulu (the little one)
Duke & Lulu are 2 years old now and Penny, just celebrated her 1st Birthday on July 4th. While Duke & Lulu are mellow and sleep pretty much all day, Miss Penny Lane is a hand full to say the least. She barks non-stop and will run through the neighborhood like a jack rabbit any chance she gets. Viv & I have spent many a days wandering through the neighborhood trying to catch her.
We are active in a local Boston Terrier Club that meets at area parks once a month. Viv, loves dog park day! We try to attend as often as possible. It is so fun to watch her play in a sea of little black and white pups. She is the only toddler in the group and all the dogs adore her.
The dogs go to Doggy Day Care 2 days a week. Well... Penny & Lulu go. Duke has "aggression issues" with other dogs so he has to stay home. He is the sweetest of all 3 of our dogs, I trust him around kids & new people the most but, he goes crazy when he sees a big dog. He only weighs 16 pounds and he picks fights with Bulldogs, Pit Bulls, & Great Danes. He has serious "Little Man" syndrome. He has to seperated and put in "time outs" at day care. Then he still tries to fight through the fence. Picture Scrappy- Doo. That is Duke!

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