Saturday, August 18, 2007

Monday is the Big Day

We will welcome baby Jude, into the world Monday morning. Brad and I are supposed to report to the hospital by 5 am for 7:45am surgery. 5am is going to come before I know it. I doubt I will be able to sleep. I am so excited, nervous, anxious.. and the list goes on.
Laura is staying with Viv then Brad will bring her to the hospital when Jude and I are settled in our room and ready for visitors. She is excited and asked me this morning when Jude was coming to her home ( she doesn't say house). She has a special "I'm the big sister shirt" she really wants to wear but, I am trying to save it for Monday.
We can take our laptop to the hospital so Brad,is going to attempt to download pics to the blog. Don't worry... all pics will be "G" rated. No anatomy shots.

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