Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Celebrity Sighting! Woo-hoo!

Brad and I went to NYC on Sunday to see Wicked as a belated Anniversary gift to ourselves. Good time, Great show, but the highlight of the day was while strolling around the city we stopped to look at the "Chicago"markee and had a celebrity run-in. Literally... almost ran into said celeb.

The following is a word for word re-enactment of my celebrity encounter....
Sarah: (looking at the Chicago markee poster on door man was entering) "Hey Brad, look who is in Chicago. It is "Big Pussy" (I know, I hate that name but.... it is what it is.)from the Sopranos.
Brad: "Oh, really?" (Brad turns away to look towards Times Square)
Man walking into building:"Yeah Brad, look "Big Pussy" is in Chicago."
Brad: smiles at man and turns back towards Times Square

Right then and there I recognized the mans voice. I recognized the man. It was Vincent Pastore. Big Pussy from The Sopranos. Live and in person and talking to me.

Sarah: "Hi, You are...!!!"
Vincent Pastore: "Yep, it is me."
Sarah: "Hi!"
Seconds passed. Felt like minutes. I just stood there. Star struck. A real live "D Lister" right next to me. The highlight of my day and all I could get out was "Hi"
Vincent Pastore: "Gotta go in now, cya around"

As he walked into the building Brad, finally realized it just wasn't some random stranger I was talking to (as I am known to do). Brad started to walk back towards me. The door closed and "Big Pussy"was gone. So many questions I should have asked. Like, You hate Omarosa right? Who won Celebrity Apprentice? Sopranos ending.. seriously, a fade to black? What was that?

For the rest of the afternoon Brad was on high alert for another celebrity run-in but, no other sightings to report.

The moral of my story is... when in New York always keep an eye out for a "D-lister". They are out there! Wandering the streets just like common folk.

Vincent Pastore

Currently starring in The Celebrity Apprentice on NBC

(My favorite new show. Read "Reality TV" post below...)


Amy said...

Okay, I love this story. I myself love a celebrity sighting too. Did you like Wicked?

Sarah said...

Loved Wicked!
It is a "go see"