Thursday, January 17, 2008


It finally snowed! I myself am not a big fan of snow or of cold weather for that matter but, Viv was so excited and couldn't wait to get outside and play. Since Jude, is still getting over his bronchitis I couldn't take him out to play with her so Viv, had to play in the front yard with Jude and I standing at the door watching her. She played in the snow, made a snow angel and threw lots of snow balls (more like handfuls) to Penny. That crazy dog loved the snow. Duke & Lulu are old fuddy-duddies and want absolutly no part of the snow and couldn't wait to get back in the house while Penny was rolling & digging her nose in the snow. She had the best time!

As soon as Shannon got home from work she bundled up Amelia and took both girls for "sleigh" rides. (Viv refers to her sled as a "sleigh".) They had lots of fun. Poor Shannon, was exhausted.

The video clips above are of Viv & Amelia sledding.

Clip #2.. they are chanting "again, again, again"...

Shannon was a trooper and they went again, again, again & once again

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Amy said...

So cute. I am not a big snow fan myself but it does entertain them. For some reason I remember you taking my kids sledding when they were little. Is that right?