Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Vacation to Florida

(warning: It is a long one!)

Above is the link to the photo show of our trip to Florida.

Our flight was at 7am which meant we had to leave our house at 4am. Early, I know. Why so early? 2 kids, big bulky double stroller, lots of bags, yadda, yadda, yadda. We are not morning people by any means. You are lucky to catch a glimpse of us before 9am. So getting up at 4am was not easy for us.
We get to the airport and get through security with only 40 minutes until our plane leaves. 40 minutes isn't a long time when you are not traveling with a 3 year old or BRAD. 40 minutes with a 3 year old & BRAD is 3 trips to the bathroom, 2 trips to the snack bar, 10 trips to the window to look at the plane and about a 100.. when do we leaves... Ugh!
Jump ahead.... 8am, everyone is asleep on the plane but me. Finally peace but I notice Viv has a rash on her lip. She kinda looks like Hitler (see photoshow). Oh well, she isn't complaining so I hope for the best and crack open my Us magazine.

We land, the Chrysler transportation service whisked us off to the hotel.
My parents were visiting my Aunt in Sarasota, spent 2 days at Universal then met us at Disney to wrap up their vacation.

Sea World. Great day! Vivian, loves animals so she was happy. She fed a sting ray shrimp. She didn't think twice about picking up the smelly shrimp and touching the slimy 70 pound ray. During the Shamu show she sat a row or two behind the "splash zone" and Shamu got her wet. She loved it! This is all she will tell you about if you ask her about her trip. No mention of a princess or a mouse in clothes.

Day 2. We made the mistake of waking Viv up at 7am to take advantage of the extra park hours at Magic Kingdom. BIG mistake! By 11am she was in full blown melt down mode and eventually fell asleep in her stroller. Jude, much to my enjoyment was pulling her hair and kicking her chair as she slept. (We have a double stroller-he sits behind her) I love that kid!
The rest of the day was more of me trying to maintain control and keep Viv happy. Totally exhausting!
Viv, was kinda bored at magic Kingdom and not into the Disney Princess thing. Don't get me wrong she loves a princess and likes to play "Princess Vivian". She just isn't into Disney princess'. She liked the rides, liked Mickey and friends but, not into waiting in the long lines. Couldn't blame her there. Neither was I. We spent a lot of time at Disney's Boardwalk and at the hotel beach & pool. I think Viv, would have been happy just hanging out there for the week.

Day 2. Animal Kingdom. Viv and Jude both LOVED Animal Kingdom. She loved the safari ride and if the line wasn't so long we would have ridden it a dozen times. This was a good day for all.

Day 3. Hollywood Studios. Not a good day for the Vivster. One disaster after another. She couldn't find her shoes, couldn't find her "lippy" (chapstick she carries- EVERYWHERE! She thinks it is lipstick), sunblock in her eye, she wanted quarters to throw in the fountain not pennies... You know, your typical reasons to throw yourself on the ground and scream.

The rest of the trip just all blurs together topped off with lots and lots of whining. Needless to say, I don't see a Disney vacation in our future for a long, long time. It will be islands and sand for us from here on out. My hat goes off to those that have pulled off Disney so that everyone had a good time. I don't know what came over Viv, she isn't a whiner, and typically not a complainer but, something got into her during this vacation. She was back to herself today on our first day at home....happy and lovey. Maybe she was over stimulated, tired, not feeling well... could have been a combo of all 3....who knows but, I am glad to have "Happy Viv" back.

Jude, he was a trooper the whole week. I would travel to Australia and back with him. He was so good on the plane and just an all around happy little guy. He loved the shows and really liked the nice weather.

Me, I am happy to be home. I missed my goofy dogs(actually just, Duke. Penny.. not so much) and the comfort of my own bed.


Amy said...

Okay, I loved this post. I love that your kids are of the same order and seemingly the same tempermant of mine. I remember our one and only visit to Disney well. Give me an island any day of the week. I used to say I could take Chase to the moon and back and he'd be fine. Glad you're all home safe and in one piece. Say no to Disney.

Laura said...

Boy oh boy, did you have a trip. Just let me say that this was a funny post to read. The attitude and tone presented was great! Sorry Vivi did not do well, I know that made it really difficult for you. Glad Jude did so great, he is such a happy boy! I enjoyed the photo show. Did her rash on her lip go away? Glad you are happy to be home and that Viv is back to normal.

Keef said...

Glad to hear and see it was a fun trip and you had a mostly happy Viv and a happy Jude the whole time!