Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Birthday Party Weekend

Viv has been quite the party girl the past weekend. She went to 2 Birthday parties. The first was on Saturday for her friend Amelia. It was a great party. The kids dressed up like princesses, did a craft, got thier faces painted, sang songs and had a very yummy cake.

Princess Amelia the Birthday Girl & Princess Viv
On Sunday, Viv went to Natalie's party. Natalie loves horses and had a pony riding party. All of the kids got to ride the ponies, do crafts, get thier faces painted.. very popular with the 3 year old crowd. Viv had lots of fun and has been talking about Kalypso the pony all week so much so that we are going back to visit him on Saturday.

Vivi, riding Kalypso the pony (I think that was his name).

Viv, Kennedy & Natalie the Birthday Girl


Laura said...

very cute! Looks like Viv had fun! Happy late birthday to Amelia!

Amy said...

Ah, the face painting. That lasts for a while. I myself love a good face painting. And ponies, lovely. What will Viv's next party be, a trip to Disney for her and her 10 closest friends???

Sarah said...

Ya, No! I have officially slapped on the Disney boycott.