Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Graduation Day!

Today was Viv's Graduation ceremony from Pre-School. The kids all got a diploma and gifts from the teachers. It was very cute. She is very proud of her "diplomba" (as she says) and wants me to hang it up in her playroom so everyone can see it.

After lunch I showed Viv my pictures from the day I graduated pre school. She told me I should "put it on the blog" How funny is that? I show her the blog when I post pictures and read to her what I write (edited version).I didn't think she knew what it was called that I was reading from but, I guess she did. She is a smart cookie.

My Pre School Graduation pic... 1982
(I am the kid that looks just like Viv with the ribbon in my hair)


Laura said...

Congratulations Vivi! I'm so proud of you!

P.S. your comparative pictures were very cute Sarah!

Amy said...

That's adorable. I'm loving your dress.

Dawn said...

CONGRATS VIV! Well I think we all know that Viv acts like you, now we see she even looks like you as a child. Oh boy are we in for it or what. 2 Sarah's Ahhhhhh! I still have love for the both of you though

Classy Mommy said...

okay how cute is this picture of you? i need to find old photos of me to share with mackenzie! great idea.

Mel said...

Congratulations to your little girl who is growing so fast as they do!! My kids know what the blog is too and as I am taking pictures, my son always says "Is this for the blog?!" They are just too darn smart!