Friday, August 22, 2008

How Embarassing!

Jenn and I have been having "work out" meetings at the local gym we belong to.
We sit in the cyber cafe, make phone calls, post blog entries and email, email, email. All while our children are happily playing in the child care facility. We are working but, totally guilt free.

Our mid morning work out usually coinsists of walking laps around the track but the gym was empty yesterday and no-one was on the machines. I have NEVER attempted to get on a machine in fear of falling off or really doing something stupid that everyone would stare and laugh at.
That being said...
Jenn and Iwere feeling brave in the empty gym and jumped on 2 really cool stationary bikes. They are all by themselves tucked in a corner. Perfect for us non-machiners!
We loved the bikes. Great workout, we worked up a nice sweat and we were right next to each other so we could still talk bloggy business.

Today we are sitting in the cyber cafe emailing and blogging and look over at our beloved machines and saw people in wheel chairs using them. They are for disabled people. We were riding the bikes for disabled people....How embarassing.
For the record there was no sign saying they were "special machines". We just thought they were comfy ones with arm rests and wider seats.

I may never machine again!


Val said...

You just gave me an idea. Join a gym with a daycare, take laptop and just enjoy an hour or two of someone else watching my kids. Maybe get a protein shake, do a little muscle watching.

Actually work out? sucks up too much energy.

Patty said...

Just goes to show you...GROUP EXERCISE CLASSES are the way to go!

Jenn said...

Yeah but Sarah sat in the one that was wheelchair accesible.... I was sitting there in the cafe waiting for sarah to arrive and thinking OMG I just had to break it to her that we to get wheelchairs for next time. So we don't look stupid. Hey in our defense there were no blue signs with wheelchairs so just because the chair swivels and it was super comfy with arms..... doesn't mean it was not for us right???

Thank goodness we were not useing them when someone who needed them was waiting. I think I would have died if there had been a line of wheelchair bound people waiting on us to get the heck off!

Amy said...

Oh my God Sarah, seriously, that's funny. I wish I had seen that with my own two eyes. Maybe this week you could reinact it for me and I'll take pictures, you can post them. :)

Denise said...

LOL I am laughing so hard right now - I can visualize it - too funny!!!

Jennifer said...

Honestly, I never thought I would meet anyone more gym inept than myself!! I am cracking up over here.

Julie said...

Now you see why I'm so gungho on joining that freakin gym! lolol

I love the step machine though. I'm not much of a track walker, more of a staring at the tv and zoning out while i burn calories.

Or sitting in the sauna melting calories away :P