Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We were parading fools this Halloween. We had our annual neighborhood parade, Vivi's school parade and our playgroup parade.

Vivi's parade at school. Grandma, Jude and I went to cheer our little Hannah Montana on.

Our playgroup parade. Jude dressed as Elmo. He really enjoyed the bucket of candy. REALLY enjoyed it! He didn't eat any..maybe next year!

Trick or Treat Night... Viv walked around the neighborhood with Amelia, Josie and Josie's little sister Kelsey. Amelia was a beautiful princess, Josie was a pretty ballerina and Kelsey was a cute little flower.
Jude and I hung out at home and passed out candy. We went through 5 bags of candy and 42 bags of Herr's chips. Viv, Josie & Amelia trick or treated my house at least 4times. They were too cute! they love the whole ring the bell get candy run to the next house thing. As a kid that rarely gets candy, Vivi wishes it could be Halloween everyday.


Laura said...

Fun, fun, fun, and nice to see those lovely decorations again!

DembroskyFamily said...

Cute it looks like fun. Is Jude walking now??

Lesley said...

Viv and Jude looked so cute! Especially Viv's costume!