Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm Baaaack!

Sorry it has taken so long for me to update this little blog of mine. I have been busy working on the Chester County blog and neglected this one.
So.. let me bring you up to speed. October has been a whirl wind of Mommy trips.Thanks to everyone who stayed with the kids so I could have some time off!

In the beginning of October Jenn, Shannon, Kelly and I road tripped to Boston to attend Blog Her, a blogger conference. We had a great weekend! GM provided our transportation to the event. We drove a brand new, fully loaded Saturn Outlook. I really liked it. Shhh.. don't tell Brad, the loyal Dodge employee.
We met and mingled with over 200 other bloggers. We made great connections with reps from Leap Frog, Seventh Generation, Hooked on Phonics... look forward to some great give aways on the CCM blog.
We left on Friday 10/10 at 9:00am and didn't pull into Boston until almost 7PM. It was the longest 5 hour car ride EVER.. or at least it was supposed to be 5 hour car ride. We hit crazy traffic in NY & CT. Once we got settled into the hotel we met our hosts for GM and went to dinner with them at Legal Sea Food. Not being a Sea Food eater, I was a little nervous I would be eating a salad.. a really big one, for dinner and stopping at Micky D's after for second dinner, but Legal Sea Food had a steak menu and dinner was great.
Saturday night after the conference the four of us headed into Boston. I love Boston! It is SO clean and beautiful! We ate at a cute little pub on Newbury Street. We sat and talked into the wee hours. Good times! Good times!
Sunday morning we headed back into town in hopes of catching a sigh seeing tour on the famous Boston Ducks but the tour was booked so we packed up and headed home. No traffic on the way home. It only took 5 hours, Yay!

On October 28th,I went with a group of girl friends to a live taping of the Martha Stewart show in New York. 10 of us went. We had to leave at 4:45am in order to arrive at the studio in time. Everyone met at my house jumped into Kelly & Shannon's mini-vans and drove to Trenton, NJ so we could take the train into the city. We got stuck in traffic on the turnpike. It was a miserable rainy day and there was an over turned tractor trailer. We sat and waited for 45 minutes. I made friends with the trucker parked next to us. He has a CB so I rolled down the window and asked him if he knew what was going on up head. He said "we should start moving soon but you never know because truckers are sons-a-bitches (his words NOT mine) and lie to give the other drivers false hope" We also got schooled on how truckers call one another on the CB. I now know WAY more than I ever thought I would about the ways of the road. Thank You Mr. Hassenger Trucking Company driver.

I always drive into the city but the train was so much easier!

On the train!

The Warm-up Room

The Studio before the show began.

L.L Cool J was on the show and we each got a $50 gift card to Sears where he sells his clothing line. He was so personable and I really think he thought it was just as funny as we did that LL Cool J the rapper was crafting with Martha Stewart.

Jenn,Nancy,Lauren,Kelly,Jenn,Amy,Shannon,Shannon and Laura

After the show Martha answered a few questions. She was taping another show after ours so she only answered a few then headed off the stage.


Laura said...
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Laura said...

Glad to see you're back! I've missed you! Looks like you've had some fun adventures!!!

Kelly said...

I look like a crazy lady in the train picture!